Septic Tank Pumping Service

GA Septic’s provides affordable and same day septic tank pumping service. We not only pump, clean and dispose of your wastewater in accordance with all state and federal regulations, we go a step further, educating our customers on the each and every aspect of the system, tank and treatment process. After all, knowledge is key to the long and healthy life of your septic system. GA Septic’s septic tank pumping service includes;

  • Locating, Exposing and Accessing Lids
  • Septage Level Assessment & Wastewater Removal
  • Mainline, Midseam, Inlet, Outlet, Baffle & Riser Analysis
  • Solids Removal, Backflushing and Tank CleaningSeptic Pumping


Tips to reduce septic tank pumping frequency

  1. Wastewater & toilet paper is the only materials that should be flushed. Do not flush sanitary products, diapers, cigarette butts, paper towels and other items may harm your septic system.
  2. Do not dispose of food items. Septic systems are not designed to dispose of food waste, coffee grounds & grease. These food waste items will damage the septic tank flow and cause more frequent pumping and repair.
  3. Fix the faucet leak! Conserving water reduces the load of wastewater your septic system has to handle.
  4. Using additives that manufacturers claim will benefit your septic system to avoid pumping may cause even bigger problems. Without proper and timely pumping, solids will flow into and clog the drain field, resulting in an expensive repair process.
  5. Always call a trusted septic tank pumping service that serves your community to provide a tank pumping about every 5 years. We take pride in serving Alpharetta, Atlanta, Johns Creek, Gainesville, Cumming & surrounding North GA cities with fast and affordable septic tank pumping services