GA Septic Drain Field Restoration

Drain field restoration is required when material accumulates as a result of low natural bacterial counts in the septic system. The material eventually clogs the drain field. This is often discovered by a home owner as wet spots above or around the septic tank area.

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Anaerobic Bacteria Shock Drain Field Treatments

What is Aerobic bacteria?

Drain FieldAerobic bacteria live in the presents of oxygen. Aeration as part of a new septic design is often a requirement by some municipalities. If a septic system is manufactured with aeration as part of the original design, it will most likely function without incident. However more complex aeration systems use air pumps, effluent pumping systems and other moving parts. Aeration systems have several moving parts including air pumps, chlorinator, effluent pumps and spray heads depending on the type of system. With so many mechanical and electrical parts, the system will require a complete restoration at some point.


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